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Nordic Championship 2018

Finnish Basketball Association is delighted to welcome you to this years’ Nordic Championships to be played in Kisakallio, Finland on June 28 -July 2, 2018.

Participating nations are Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Age groups of Nordic Championships 2018 are Women and Men U18 (born 2000) and U16 (born 2002).

Tickets will be sold to the games on game venues. Daily ticket will cost 5€, which entitles to entrance to all games played during particular game day. Tournament pass will cost 20€ and it covers all games of the tournament.

Game schedule and live streams >

Sosiaalinen media

We did this together! 😍 #Susijengi #6pelaaja #yhdessä

3/3 W's for #Sudenpennut on Monday! MU18: Finland - Germany 70-57 (31-34). @mickee_j 26/5 MU20: Finland - Czech Republic 85-73 (38-36). @AndreGustavson 16/3/6 WU18: Latvia - Finland 50-78 (24-42). Sara Bejedi 16/6/5, Awak Kuier 11/14

RT @VilleVuorinen42: Game2 in #SusiCenter done, nice with for #Sudenpennut over Czech, the @basketfinland teams for 4-0 for the last two da…

@LazySplitter Verkko on saattanut pätkiä välillä. Mitään isompaa häikkää ei ole tiedossa - selvitetään! Pahoittelut hitaudesta.

RT @VilleVuorinen42: For the love of the game! Last Monday with #Susijengi - today with #MU18 #Sudenpennut !! @FIBA @basketfinland #MickeJa…